Issue #1 to be released soon!



The Black Winter is a science fiction/horror/adventure graphic novel with some dark humor, for mature readers, in 28 color pages comic book format (no ads). Ongoing series.

Set 20 years in the future, humanity was taken by surprise with a strange event turning a handful of humans into hosts of unknown organisms infesting everyone in their path like the worst imaginable plague. Few survivors are on the run globally.

Our small group is traveling north through forests, fields and small towns, avoiding cities to get to the robot factory near the canadian border to seek upgrades, protection and a plan of action. Encounters with some of these relentless predators prove to be extremely dangerous as the menacing creatures are seemingly impossible to kill.
Team work is vital to escape these things, as is the energy which is running low.
They’ll have to think fast and adapt to get to where they are going, not without obstacles

About the characters, we have a tight group of people, getting help by robots, with their advantages and faults. Worker robots, the RC’s, are very useful, but they don’t quite understand every human subtleties. The LINK’s on the other hand, are very on point. All this will lead to some interesting interactions.

The Black Winter was created, written and illustrated by Dominic Levert.
In the next issues, the story will tell how the extreme cold winter will affect these creatures and our group. We’ll see that not only humans adapt and evolve, these things will get very effective and creative to reach their preys. Where will the answer to our survival come from? They will have to take extreme measures to make it, in every way!


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